Tuesday, August 31, 2004

daisy cutter

A child's brain contains a system of connected cells, (neural networks), that have no purpose. They gradually take on functions through sensory input, (experience). Typically around the age of three children become aware of the emotions of others. Traumatized children tend to re-enact the traumatic event and often ask questions about it repeatedly. Responding to gestures of affection by a traumatized child, such as hugging or kissing, are critical to their recovery.

Social groupings of cattle tend to be hierarchial. By adulthood, social groups are inflexible social orders. Herding cattle relies heavily on directing the leaders, as the rest of the herd will follow their lead. Infant cattle tend to hide for the first few days of life before forming "kindergartens" with other calves and one or two cows.

The four acceptable means of slaughtering cattle in the food processing industry are Carbon Dioxide gas, nail gun, electric shock and stunning and bleeding, (by means of a sledgehammer). Cattle are forced from a waiting stall with electric shocks delivered by cattleprod to the killing room, where they are killed by nailgun shot to the temple. The process of moving the cow from the stall is slow as every cow will resist entering the killing floor.

The Great Plains First Nations relied on bison as their primary source of food. Bands followed bison herds as they moved from water source to water source, which were located at great distances from each other. These peoples hunted the bison with stone spears or bows until the introduction of the gun in the late 17th century. The spears were heavy but could be thrown with incredible accuracy and force.

Originally designed as a jungle-clearing explosive in Vietnam, the Daisy Cutter is used as a antipersonnel bomb in recent actions like Afghanistan. It has an incineration radius of 600 m, (1 mile). The shockwave emanating from the bomb can crush or rupture internal organs. A Daisy Cutter strike during the Gulf War killed an estimated 4,500 Iraqi soldiers.

The 2004 population of Rawanduz, Iraq, is 4,600.

momma earth

When its dawn, the blue brightens and the birds wake up. Everything gets bright in the dawn. Each time of day is its own world, and has its own gods. The world of the dawn.

The earth is the size of a grain of sand in comparison to the sun.

Most of the solar system is empty space, with small planets, little islands in a great ocean, drifting near the sungod. It seems placid and silent, but the truth is its also very violent. Strange how both violence and peace are intertwined. If you listened to people you would never get that impression, If violence and peace are common down here, maybe theyre up in heaven too.

The indignation towards violence pretends there is something special about humans, as if it were a big deal that the kid dies. Momma earth doesn't care, she is busy killing and giving birth to millions of things every day. Its a pretty dance, this creation and destruction.

I'll let you in on something: it only matters to us, because we care. Well... i assume you care. i care, anyway. we have hearts. Momma earth doesn't care only because its all one to her, do you cry for your dead skin? that is why kindness is beautiful, because its unnecessary. cruelty is far more productive.

Monday, August 30, 2004

hand me my knife

In the house alone at night there are summer ghosts that make noises down stairs and watch tv at 3:20 a.m. every morning, so I am inclined to carry my heavy grandpa sword with me. There is nothing like two people.

There is also nothing more disgusting than seeing two people happy when you are alone and palefaced from self-flagellation. one great shining blindness of Capitalism is regards the Great Truth that shit rolls downhill - meaning that when things go bad they tend to go to worse to ugly - easy to forget because of the other Great Truth: the dead are quiet, and everything is just so goddamn loud. The weak are shadows, Ive seen them. They are hard to see without quietness, because they are near inaudible. When you are still they grow realer in form. A gun is loud, an Israeli bulldozer makes a grinding sound, a daisy cutter shockwave is so loud it makes the ears bleed, a national anthem sounds like a big, crazy guy punching you in the face for three minutes, and everybody loves Hitler, I seen probably a hundred times more footage of Hitler screaming than of Ghandi talking, yet they came from the same period and had about the same degree of effect on the world. Why is Satyagraha not taught in school? but i know, i know- for every Israeli bulldozer there is an Israeli soldier rotting in jail for refusing to obey orders, and for every national anthem there are a hundred songs that go:

everybody tries

Saturday, August 28, 2004

the theory of the pivot

There are two primary forces in human events: momentum and pivot. Momentum is described as the building up of energy and events like the snowball into an avalanche analogy, with the spectrum of possible outcomes gradually narrowing. The pivot is a crisis where one or more "avalanche" reach a critical point and a sudden change in momentum is possible.


World War Two was the most powerful "pivot" that humanity has ever undergone. Varying forces reached a crisis state in the same forty-year period, (1905-1948). Tens of millions of people died, the single most massive death the species has ever witnessed, and the political map of the entire planet underwent the greatest transformation in history.

If every historical event is like a pebble thrown into a pond, and its effects in time and space like ripples moving outwards in concentric circles, then the consequences of this era will be felt for the next two thousand years. For example, the development of the atomic bomb and its use on human beings came about as a direct consequence of the Second World War. Had no catacalysm of this type occurred, the pace and impetus to develop such a weapon would have proceeded at a snail's pace, and its use on human beings an even remoter eventuality. For the atomic weapons program was urged on the United States by a group of scientists and refugees from Germany, most of whom came to carry a deep regret for their actions in later years, (including its most popular advocate, Oppenheimer). Humanity is now living with a gun to its head, and given the attitude of the fuckheads the world refers to as our "leaders" this state of affairs will not be resolved - unless by pulling the trigger - any time soon.

So the momentum resultant from the slaughter of the Second World War will have a greater effect than any other in our history, given its relative power. Only the period that saw the worldwide invention of intensive agriculture, (making possible state-level societies), is comparable in effect on known history, and this era took place over several thousand years, (roughly 6000-1000 bce), not the 40 years of the War.

What characterized this 40-year period that made it so profound? Primarily, it was the culmination of two aspects of human life which had become dominant and superpowerful influences: mechanization and ideology. As it is today, human physical power grossly exceeds its wisdom and, I think it should be obvious, its empathy for other living beings. Human ideology had evolved as well, and it is in this period that "human rights" comes to be regarded as a sacred and practical idea. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights comes from this period and is a document without precedent and without equal in importance in the future of the human species.


Where's my wine.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

rainy utopia

The only way to go about this is by pure speculation. mental tourettes. total raving.


"The Slow Clouds Over Najaf"

Wherever I look everything is intensely beautiful. Some shit is ugly? What are the ugliest things?


all television commercials



but even these things are beautiful. Television commercials appear on the screen and fill the room, and make everyone watching them (silently) look sad and weak. There's a kind of nobility in trajicness, everyone is forced to survive and most of them only for fairly vague and foggy reasons, and you can see their clumsiness when theyre sitting there slack-jawed and cow-eyed watching the tee-vee. Its not much -ok alright- but its real nonetheless.

Aside from these things, (maybe that ugliness itself has a kind of beauty), the point is that the world itself is essentially a stunning and awesome thing. Consider its size and age, the huge oceans, which take up 3/4 of the planet's surface. For every mile you walk there are three miles of water. There are whales down there. The whales sing songs. The ocean goes down and down for miles, dark water. The whales kind of hang there, above the darkness, like fat clouds.

Light rains down from the sun and floods the earth. It is thought of as waves of energy that are caught by plants and eaten. We eat the plants and so can move. Our eyes are the result of the flood of light. They are formed in complex and precise structures to use the waves and perceive subtle and small nuances in change and hue of light.

Its raining in the city today, cities are the most insane of all humanity's children. From far away, they look like stars fallen to earth.

Every person I see was born. Every person opened their eyes once without thinking. Everyone I passed on the street, every one I overheard having a retarded conversation, fighting, drinking, asking, working, singing, lying- alright, I wouldn't bullshit you.

you can go back to war now.