Thursday, June 02, 2005

the day we take over

June nights.

On the street at 3 am I did not expect it. Noone knows what's going to happen, they guess and then it really happens. Blind to most, looking through keyholes, it was scary when it finally happened, when the Army of Old Men marched into their cities.

They came from somewhere else, from the forests no one knows far away from the world and as hard to live in. It made them strong and cold. They wore furs and carried rifles, they took over everywhere and armies and governments fell in one night.

And we had tried to tell you the whole time what you didn't know, all the stupid and selfish shit you did. We learned fast that you wouldn't understand and that's how it made us this way. You stayed in the day after day.

That there are stop signs alone and useless, skyscrapers are molded metal with very sad people in their bellies. They look pretty at night, the fortieth story's lights talking. A gun can steal souls and that's why they were made. We tried to tell you no one talks in words. You have no arms and legs. This is a world of taking, but we were made for how light comes in each room. We didn't know we would take over one day.

the Army of Old Men never speak. They have been hidden for a long time and when they came out they stopped everything. Now we will tell you about the light.

At night, when you lie awake, you ask questions. Most of them aren't very good, they are mostly about you. But you ask questions because its silent, and you know that. But we talk to the silent. You never asked about schizophrenia. Or what happens when you beat on someone that sees souls.