Thursday, December 17, 2009

what if you and i are near the beginning

what if you and i are near the beginning of the universe and not far away at all?
what if we are of the first children to wake up and look around and this is why the stars seem so quiet? what if that is why we are so wild and lost and shout at the silence? why we make a thousand gods of all different reasons and glows?

what if the universe lives to be 2000 billion years old, and in dog years it is now only barely a toddler? and we are the first spirits, the first legends, to stand up and utter the intelligence of music, the birth star opening its newly invented eyes and the light from therein is so naive it thinks itself old and brittle.

what if you and i are of the first, and there are no others (yet) but we have to leave memories for them, and totems that they might find and say this little planet was the first to sprout little spirits that loved and sang and thought and made magic out of atoms and mind.

what if we're young grandparents of another few billions years of growing, what if we're older than stars to come? what if the morning light you see is the glow of mysterious birth and infant worlds?