Monday, April 27, 2009


we were in the cafe when the blast hit and threw us both to the ground, talking about women and sex. when i came to i was bleeding from somewhere on my face and it was hard to hear, there was a big dust clouded hole where the windowed wall used to be, and no tables sat in front of it any longer. I wondered what happened to the people on the street, if they were alright, if they were dead or worse. i could see lumps of unmoving bodies in front of me, and heard the first tender, cautious noises of survivors recovering behind me, silence though no sobs, no fear, just little pieces of debris being moved and stepped on, like mice scurrying in a house abandoned for many years.

and i lifted myself onto my knees and saw my good friend lying there with his skin melted down to black and shiny red on one side, and only half his face still his. his arm on his right side was all popped open with little and big holes and you could see white fat and how the elbow had come off so his arm was longer and flaccid. and how he didn't look like he minded. and i got to my feet i thought and looked for a mirror because there was blood all over my hands whenever i touched my face and then i heard mice scurrying behind me and i turned around and saw my friend stood there, slightly bewildered, leaning against the wall with his torn fingers and he looked at his perfect, untouched left arm in wonder and he looked up at me, fascinated, and said

don't worry, i think i am going to be alright

and i said i don't think so, my friend

and then he smiled a calm, easy smile and said

no, you see, its alright. this is flesh and muscles and blood all working together in a wonderful harmony, and these are my movements which come from me, gestures of me. look

he waved his perfect arm in front of him like a paper bird

you see, thats me, your friend, sailing my arm through the air. you see? and i am never going to be anything more than this

and he waved his perfect arm like a leaf sailing in front of him

i am a wave on the ocean, and i am not afraid. i rose up, i crested and opened my eyes, and now i vanish, and become part of other waves.

we are on a planet with a little moon. we are on a little planet, going around a sun. a little sun, and there are other planets going around the sun. and the planets are as complicated as this one. and the planet is blue, and it floats like a little dot of dust in an endless ocean of space.

we are on a planet