Friday, May 29, 2009

3 day storm

at the end of may came the wind blowing and a storm that blocked out the sky for 3 days with an iron belly of cloud. the trees twisted and waved and hissed their leaves everywhere in the city you could see them far in the distance of mysterious neighborhoods and the jungle of green leaves overhead dripped the radiance of birth like some fat pregnant bullfrog. everyone wanders the streets, without aim, wayward, drifting like little human white sails in the sea of cool wind.

the storm gets more violent, the branches rock, husks of clouds that hang below the iron belly drift wetly, shards broken off of a defeated storm. so that's what has happened. the belly has gotten darker and closer to the earth, an army, a force of storm that journeyed across the plains of the West from where it gathered in the mountains to come East and clash with some great god of an atlantic storm, and where they met and churned and twisted together in the sky not far from this ancient street the army of clouds won some terrible battle and ripped the Eastern storm to pieces, and ate its limbs, and the shards of the dead god were caught up like driftwood with the still raging army poured South across the lakes to pillage the earth, so maybe these storms that hurl lightning and floods down upon us, they grin wide pale grey grins at atomic bombs. if they should ever get tired of their wars in the sky, we're all done for.