Wednesday, June 06, 2012

the end of the world

some people wish for the end of the world. they don't say it like that. they say they foresee a terrible thing on the horizon. they see the biggest of wars coming, they see it all burning. they look around at all the sad and painful things in the world and they see it bearing hideous fruit, as if it wasn't horror upon horror already - in the downtowns, in the war zones over there, in the feasts of the ugly rich. some of them see horror in people trying to be equal, in accepting the rejected. religious men see it in the love of abominations. some see the end of the world because of all the cruelty, or all the blindness, but some see it because they hate the thought the world is not what they want it to be, so they can't imagine it will hold together for much longer. they don't have the imagination to see that really, they want the world to end.

but don't worry, the world won't end. not for a long time. the world of oceans and land will be around so long it will change and change again, until it looks very different than the world we know. maybe that is like ending, but not to me. that is just the way things are born. the world of people probably won't end either. not for a long time. but i can see how a person could get relief from the end of the world. because the more likely outcome is that the humans will keep stumbling along, crushing alot of innocence and goodness in its path. they might even get so good at it they can keep it up for centuries, millennia. we've done that so far. they talk so much about good and right you start to believe they are working on it. but for everything they heal they seem to make two new wounds somewhere else.

and of course, a lot of them that talk about good and right... well... their idea of good and right is so angry and crazy that what their working on is bad fruit for a long time to come. they fantasize new wars, new enemies, new sanitization of life. few of them spend much time asking if they really know, it rarely occurs to them that they might be hurting people, because that would make the world too difficult a puzzle.

but if you believe in good, you've got to do something. you've got to help someone, somewhere. you've got to help them with your own hands. you'll find its hard and awkward at first. its the only way to learn if you're really helping, or if you're just making it up in your head. even then, its hard to know. the only way i've figured out is not to be afraid to be wrong most of the time. that's something a lot of people hold me in contempt for, because they think everything they are comes from their ideas about the world. they'd rather destroy it than admit they are wrong, that in fact they don't really know,