Tuesday, July 03, 2012


according to humans, some get rewards and some are punished when they die, it all sounds a bit like children hoping mommy and daddy will beat up their enemies. religion is inane and childish in this way. as if anyone was born a clean slate. anyone which is everyone was born into a part of the world they had no control over, and shaped before they had a chance to choose or not choose to behave according to that part of the world, right down to the mommy and daddy that were similarly descended from other confused humans and places and sorrows and confusions and so on. everyone looks at the world in a unique way that can never be reproduced, so how the fuck on earth can everyone adhere to the same rules of good and bad?

as simple as this is, it escapes mostpeople, except for youandi. youandi know that everyone is born lost and innocent, but carrying a weight no one else can carry. that is part of the reason we help each other.

ideas of heaven are perverse, created by perverted minds who want to force people into what they think is admirable, hardly even good. sad notions of hell or virgins or nothing belong to little hearts. when it is so goddamn simple:

this is heaven, god told me,

heaven is for everybody. even the murderers. even the slugs. we all shed the skins we dragged through the world and take on bodies made of light. when we shed the world, we realize we were part of some strange beautiful game of stars and subatomic particles. we lose all darkness and everything heals. heaven is a great landscape where we make things of great beauty. there is no pain and only kindness. we are as nice to a dog as we are to an orphan as we are to a king. no one is better and no one is worse. we spend long afternoons learning all the great things the world was and is going to be. god befriends the least and the first and asks what they believed and delights in the contradiction and never scorns. and war is dead there.

and if it isn't true? well, what difference does it make?